T e r r i t o r y

Lake Garda

A u n i q u e c l i m a t e f o r a f r u i t f u l l a n d .

Ca’Bottura is just a few steps from Lake Garda, between the hills of Bardolino, Costermano and Garda. The presence of a large body of water and the protection of Baldo’s mountain range create a gentle microclimate that favors cultivation and gives the wine its fresh flavors and delicate aromas. The villages that line around the lake are small jewels embedded in a land that stands out for its beauty, its variety of food and wine specialities.
Just a few miles from our vineyard you can find Verona, a city full of historical and cultural heritage that lies under the protection of UNESCO. A magical place in which art, history and culture come together… it’s hard to resist such beauty and the story that surrounds it.

F e w m i l e s f r o m a c i t y p a c k e d w i t h h i t s t o r y a n d b e a u t y .


The beauty of an unforgettable land.