F a m i l y , W i n e , E V O a n d G r a p p a

About Us

C a B o t t u r a : F a m i l y , w i n e a n d p a s s i o n

Ours is a story that speaks of family, love and respect for a land laden with precious fruits. A passion that Maurizio Andreoli inherited from his father Romano, strengthened with passion and hard work from a young age.

Our wines

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The Classics

Classic wines from our territory

Our wine talks about us and tells our story through the scents and colors of the earth and the commitment we put into our work every day.

A n e x p e r i e n c e t h r o u g h n a t u r e a n d t a s t e

The territory

L a k e G a r d a

Our vineyards lie on the hills of Lake Garda, in Bardolino, Garda and Costermano del Garda, in the very heart of the classic Bardolino DOC production area. The essence of this territory lives in the fresh flavors and delicate aromas of our wines. 

Where to find our products

Our products are available in our shop, where you can also taste wines and spirits before the purchase. You can also visit our online selling point and order our product comfortably from your own couch.